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Color Combinations for a Concrete Stamping Project

Concrete Stamping around a pool deck

Concrete Stamping around a pool deck

When it comes to stamping concrete, there are two specific things to consider. First, you need to determine the design you want for your Clarksville home, whether it is brick, rock, slate, wood, flagstone, or something else. You also need to factor in the location. For instance, you might choose one design for an outdoor patio and another design for the kitchen floor. Second, you need to select the color combination you want for the preferred design.

As for color, the expert who performs the stamping concrete project at your Clarksville home can assist. After all, using a product like SunStamp, the goal is to replicate the appearance of other materials. In other words, the installer uses different stamp mats along with color combinations to make concrete surfaces look like genuine brick, wood, or whatever you want.

Keep in mind that just because there are standard color combinations for stamping concrete projects does not mean you have to take that route automatically. For instance, if you want to transform the look of the pool deck at your Clarksville home, making it more colorful and vibrant, you could still choose a brick design. Instead of browns and blacks, you could go with blues and greens.

For an outdoor patio, stamped concrete that looks like wood is stunning. Again, rather than the standard browns for this design, you could go with white with shades of blue, which would look beautiful if your Clarksville home is near the water or if you appreciate the shabby chic style.

For kitchen floors in a Mediterranean-style kitchen, you might opt for a deep red with black added in as opposed to brown.

The fact that you have so many possibilities is one thing that makes concrete stamping projects so exciting. Before making your decision, again, consider the location of the project, the type of project, and then toss in your personal preference. With endless color combinations and a broad range of designs, you could choose something subtle, sophisticated, elegant, country, or even whimsical.

6 Reasons People in Jeffersonville Choose Epoxy Garage Coatings

Garage coatings for optimal performance

Garage coatings for optimal performance

Throughout Jeffersonville, a surprising number of homeowners choose epoxy garage coatings. Following in the footsteps of what commercial service centers use, they realize this type of flooring offers something unique.

  1. Excellent Resistance – The garage floor takes a beating. Between working on cars, bikes, and lawn equipment, and doing special projects with the kids an ordinary floor starts to deteriorate in no time. Along with damage caused by dropped tools, it also stains from spilled food, drinks, oil, antifreeze, and other substances. It also develops scratches from moving things around. You can avoid these problems by choosing epoxy garage floors that resist impact, stains, abrasions, and more.
    Garage Floor System by Sundek

    Garage Floor System by Sundek

  2. Customization – You can customize epoxy coatings using colors, textures, patterns, and aggregates. Products like SunEpoxy 54 and SunEpoxy 100 are excellent choices for achieving a customized look.
  3. Fast Turnaround – An installer can have the entire project finished in one day so that you can go back to parking your vehicles inside and working on the things you enjoy.
  4. Easy Cleanup – After applying epoxy garage coatings in Jeffersonville homes, the expert adds a sealer to serve as a second layer of protection. That way, if something spills, cleanup is a breeze. For a small spill, a clean damp cloth will do the trick. For a larger mess, you can clean the garage out using a standard garden hose. When finished, all you need to do is squeegee the standing water and then allow the floor to dry.
  5. Increased Property Value – Another key benefit of epoxy garage coatings for homeowners in Jeffersonville is that they add value to the property. If you go this route and decide down the road to sell your house, there is an excellent chance for you to increase the asking price.
  6. Long-Lasting – As one of the most durable of all decorative concrete solutions, the floors in your garage will look and wear extremely well for years.

Considerate Concrete Restoration for Your Jeffersonville Historic Home

Concrete restoration for a historic home

Concrete restoration for a historic home

Restoring a historic home is much different than making changes to a house built 50 years ago or less. Especially when added to an official registry, homeowners must follow specific rules as to what they can and cannot do. If you own a historic home in Jeffersonville and you want to make upgrades, there is an excellent chance that you can have a concrete restoration project done.

The one thing that historical registers do not want is for someone to remove existing surfaces or replace them with anything but originals. What makes concrete restoration such a great solution for a historic Jeffersonville home is that the original concrete floor remains intact.

In other words, instead of having the flooring ripped out and reinstalled, which would not only go against the rules but also leave a mess and cost a fortune, a professional installer applies an overlay on top of the existing floor.

However, even the type of overlay used for a restoration project matters. Tuscan, a handcrafted overlay applied by a skilled artisan, is one of the best. Because an expert hand-trowels every inch of the new floor, you never have to worry about damage or changes to critical details. Instead, the overlay creates a new surface on top of what is already there.

Another reason for choosing concrete restoration for a historic home in Jeffersonville is that you can enhance the floor’s appearance without compromising the integrity of the house. In addition to beautiful colors, you can have the floors textured or patterned. With the project finished, you end up with gorgeous floors while sticking to the rules.

Also, if the existing floor has mild to moderate surface imperfections, a decorative concrete overlay hides them. Because of that, there is no reason to have repairs made. From an appearance and functional standpoint, concrete restoration makes perfect sense when working on a historic home in Jeffersonville.

Concrete Patio Resurfacing: Transform Your Louisville Backyard in Just Days

Concrete patio resurfacing with custom scorelines

Concrete patio resurfacing with custom score lines

With summer in full swing, there is no time to have your concrete patio torn out and reinstalled. In addition to waiting weeks for a crew to complete the job, you would have to deal with a significant mess on the outside and dust on the inside. To avoid all that and have your patio ready for family and friends, concrete patio resurfacing at your Louisville home is an excellent solution.

Aggregate effects on a Concrete Patio

Aggregate effects on a Concrete Patio

Typically, a professional installer can have a project using a Sundek product like Tuscan finished in one day. Even if you have a massive patio, it will take no more than two days to have everything completed. Just imagine transforming both the appearance and functionality of your patio in time for a big event next weekend.

In addition to having a concrete patio resurfacing job done at your Louisville home done quickly, you have an abundance of incredible design options. Depending on the look that you want to achieve, you can select from various overlays. Once applied and cured, you can have people walking around without worrying about stains caused by dropped food or beverages. If someone does spill something, a clean, damp cloth is all you need to clean the area. Get out the garden hose for a large spill.

For a pool deck that attaches to the patio via a walkway, you can change those two additional surfaces, as well. While having the concrete patio resurfaced at your Louisville home, the installer can redesign the decking and walkway. Now you have a new backyard that is sure to wow all your guests.

With so many fantastic colors, textures, and patterns, as well as aggregates, quartz beads, and colored vinyl paint chips, you can get as creative as you want. Whether you prefer an outdoor space that looks and feels elegant or one with whimsy, the right coating will transform your patio. To complete the look, add comfortable furniture. Then, enjoy an amazing summer.

What Characteristics Does the Perfect Outdoor Concrete Finish for Your Clarksville Driveway Possess?

Concrete Finish on a Driveway

Concrete Finish on a Driveway

When it comes to resurfacing a driveway, there are different needs and expectations compared to having a kitchen floor transformed. You need a concrete finish for your Clarksville home that can withstand sun exposure, car leaks, stains, hot tire marks, and other things that affect the appearance and functionality.

Following are the primary characteristics that you should look for in a concrete finish for your Clarksville driveway.

  • Durability – Pulling vehicles in and out of the driveway takes a toll over time. Therefore, you need a concrete finish for your Clarksville home that offers excellent durability. You want a product that will protect the surface in both the short and long term. The right finish will expand the life of your driveway.
  • UV Protection – With rays of sunlight beating down on a driveway, applying the wrong colored concrete finish to your Clarksville driveway would lead to yellowing, blushing, or fading. To avoid that, make sure you choose a product that has UV protection.
  • Resistance – Another characteristic to look for is resistance to things like oil, grease, stains, and chemicals. You want a product applied that can stand up to harsh substances.
  • Slip Resistance – During months of rain and snow, the driveway surface becomes slick. To prevent anyone from slipping and sustaining an injury, go with a product like SunSand that has a textured, nonslip surface.
  • Variety – If you plan to upgrade the driveway at your Clarksville home, you should have the option of using color, textures, and patterns. Regardless if you opt for epoxy or stamped concrete, this gives you a one-of-a-kind design that will enhance the beauty and value of the property.

No matter which product you choose, you have many exciting possibilities. Today, you can select from highly advanced overlays and epoxies. For that reason, you will enjoy tremendous benefits along with a beautiful new surface that makes you the envy of the neighborhood.