Boost the Curb Appeal of Your Lexington Home with Outdoor Concrete Repair

SunStone by Sundek for outdoor concrete repair

SunStamp by Sundek for outdoor concrete repair

If a lack of curb appeal makes you cringe every time you pull into the driveway of your Lexington home or you avoid asking people over, you need to do something about the problem. Although Sundek offers a broad range of solutions, two favorites include SunStone and SunStamp.

To enhance curb appeal, the most obvious choice is the driveway. However, both products also transform other concrete surfaces. You can transform the look of your front walkway, the stairs leading to the front door, and even the porch or landing area at the top. Regardless of the project, these overlays are ideal for outdoor concrete repair of some common problems and make your Lexington home more beautiful from the outside.


With this architectural limestone coating, an existing surface that needs help with an outdoor concrete repair issue will transform into a gorgeous masterpiece. When professionally applied, it will appear as though you invested in having quarried rock or stone installed. However, with this superior quality Sundek product, there is no need to have the current concrete ripped out and reinstalled.

With the SunStone product, you can upgrade other features of your Lexington home. Along with concrete, this decorative concrete solution works incredibly well on stucco, drywall, cinder block, brick, and more. No matter what you decide to change, your home will never look better far away or up close.


SunStamp is another top Sundek decorative concrete overlay. Stamp mats create designs like flagstone, tile, custom slate, wood, brick, or whatever you prefer. First, the expert uses a squeegee or trowel to apply the overlay. Then, it either the surface gets scored or the installer places an optional template on top before placing the stamp mat. For optimal protection, both an acrylic finish and clear coat go over the newly stamped design.

To give the exterior of your Lexington home a much-needed boost, you will never go wrong with these Sundek decorative concrete solutions.