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How to Choose a Sealer System to Protect Your Stamped Concrete Overlay System

SUNDEK-concrete-coatings-concrete-overlay-SunStamp-custom-slate-pattern-interior-flooring-patio-All-Concrete-Resurfacing-Louisville-Kentucky.-Awarded-Gold.jpgFor existing concrete surfaces, SunStamp is a top-rated product. This overlay system produces a beautiful surface that typically exceeds the customer’s expectations. Although this system is durable, you still need to choose an appropriate sealer system that will protect the surface and product. If needed, the expert who applied the overlay can recommend top products, including SunClear Eco Protect and SunClear Ultra Protect.

Although both are excellent choices for SunStamp stamped concrete, they work in different ways. Therefore, it is essential to understand what those differences are so that ultimately, you select the correct one. Remember, a professional installer who relies on Sundek products can always provide guidance whenever needed.

SunClear Eco Protect

This high-performance finish coat is the best choice for stamped concrete, coatings, and seamless flooring. This eco- and user-friendly product is ideal, especially for resurfaced areas with heavy foot traffic and those that you want to keep shiny. Not only that, but this sealer is also maintenance-free, making it perfect for walkways, floors, and pool decks in homes, as well as floors in restaurants, retail shops, hospitals, professional offices, and more.

Stamped Concrete Pool Deck

Stamped Concrete Pool Deck

SunClear Ultra Protect

SunClear Ultra Protect is also a clear sealer with a solvent base. As the name implies, it provides even more protection since it is abrasion, impact, high traffic, chemical, and fuel-resistant. Commonly used with the SunStamp overlay, this sealer creates a hard yet flexible film over the surface, thereby providing outstanding protection. Because it is a more robust product, it is excellent for airplane hangars, service bays, commercial service departments, driveways, and other harsh environments.

Concrete Resurfacing Protection

Based on where you have SunStamp installed as well as the degree of wear and tear the area experiences, you will have a better idea as to which sealer you need. Once applied, the surface will look incredible and provide many years of flawless service.

Choosing the Right Colors for Your Decorative Concrete Project

Decorative concrete floor with SunDye

Decorative concrete floor with SunDye

Because every home and business owner has a different preference, no two decorative concrete projects are alike. Whether you want to change the appearance of your floors, pool deck, driveway, walkway, patio, or some other surface, it is essential to choose the right color. Fortunately, products like SunH20, SunDye, and SunAcid come in a broad range of Signature Colors, as well as customized solutions.


For staining concrete or a cement overlay, SunH20 is perfect. As a blend of soluble polymers and liquid pigments, this water-based stain comes in unique colors of different shades. For instance, if changing the look of your pool deck, driveway, or patio, you might consider Mahogany, Coral Reef, or Amazon Palm. On the other hand, if you have a restaurant that attracts a younger crowd, colors like Pear, Sienna Rust, and Golden Harvest are ideal.


You will also find a host of beautiful colors from a product called SunDye. This liquid concrete dye works incredibly well for virtually any indoor residential or commercial space. For recoloring an existing surface, this decorative concrete product comes in 20 beautiful colors. Whether you choose Turquoise, Saddle Brown, Fern Green, Vintage Umber, or something else, your floors will pop. Typically, SunDye’s colors are more on the warm side, making them appear rich.


You should also look at the list of colors for SunAcid, which is an acid-based stain. This product comes in several standard colors, like Buckskin, Cola, Black, and Terra Cotta, but also a few bright options, including Blue, Green, Bronze, and Teal. Compared to the other two decorative concrete products, SunAcid is unique. As an acid-based stain, the color penetrates the concrete opposed to just changing the surface, making it permanent. Also, because the acid reacts with chemical compounds in the concrete, SunAcid produces a one-of-a-kind marbled effect.

Whether you choose a dye or a water- or acid-based stain, you can find a color that perfectly matches your decorative concrete project.

The Top 5 Benefits of Using SunMetal FX and Why It Beats the Competition

Metallic Epoxy

Metallic Epoxy

If you want to change the appearance and functionality of your home or business using metallic epoxy floors, one product stands out from the competition. SunMetal FX is the preferred choice for a variety of reasons. Top coated with acrylic sealers or a product like SunEpoxy 54, SunEpoxy 100, or SunOne Polyaspartic, you will benefit from what both the primary and top coat offers.

  1. Versatility – Because SunMetal FX is highly versatile, it makes the perfect choice for a variety of applications, including restaurants, bars, kitchens, dealership showrooms, retail stores, basements, and garages. In other words, metallic epoxy floors will transform virtually any space, whether residential, commercial, or industrial.
  2. Pigment Color Options – Although the competition has limited color options, SunMetal FX presents you with 12 beautiful metallic pearl pigments. Depending on the application, as well as your personal preference, you can choose a color that looks sophisticated, casual, or whimsical. Working with a professional installer, you can get as creative as you want.
  3. Durability and Long Service Life – When combined with a product like SunOne, metallic epoxy floors become even more durable and longer lasting. With simple cleaning and maintenance, your new floor will remain beautiful for a very long time.
  4. Resistance – Once SunMetal FX gets combined with a secondary product, the level of resistance against things like stains, chemicals, oils, grease, moisture, impacts, and abrasions also increases. Ultimately, you end up with an incredibly robust flooring system that will outlast the competition.
  5. One-of-a-Kind Appearance – The one-of-a-kind surface is perhaps one of the top reasons why so many people choose metallic epoxy floors. Even if another home or business owner selects the same color and quantity of pigments, no two floors will look the same. Instead, you will end up with an incredibly shiny surface that boasts a three-dimensional effect resembling craters, flowing lava, or rippling water.

Choosing a Pattern for Your Decorative Concrete


Your home’s front (including walkways and entryways) should be taken into consideration when it comes to choosing a pattern for your stamped concrete or concrete overlay. At a first glance, most people would assume that if you have a brick house then you should choose a brick pattern for your patio or pool deck, or if you have a rock house, you should have a rock sidewalk. While this seems good and the logical thing to do, it is not necessarily the right decision. The problem with trying to match a material on your house is that if it doesn’t match perfectly, it will make your new concrete look like an afterthought that doesn’t quite match the original house.


Stamped Concrete Driveway

Decorative Concrete Should Compliment Your House

When we do a concrete overlay job, we usually suggest to our customers that they choose a pattern and color that would complement the aesthetics and design of their home. What they already have must be enhanced and its value amped up. We typically prefer to choose a material that is different from what is on the home. A rock or slate pattern would look great next to a brick house.

Coordinating Patterns, Complementing Colors

Sometimes our customers really want a pattern on their concrete that would match their house. The problem is that it is nearly impossible to get a perfect match. In those situations, we always recommend choosing a complementing color. This way, the new concrete will look like a planned compliment to the design of the house.

For premium decorative concrete products and proper installations, call us today to get started on the beautiful life you’d experience while having decorative concrete from All Concrete Resurfacing.

Protecting and Maintaining Your Stained Concrete

Concrete stains are permanent and will never flake off like paint. However, it only penetrates the topmost layer of the concrete surface and eventually wears out due to heavy traffic and/or weather exposure. If you want to extend the life of your stained concrete surface, stain manufacturers usually recommend keeping the stains protected by applying clear sealers in multiple coats for outdoor stained concrete and floor wax for indoor surfaces. A good and quality sealer also provides considerable benefits, and among those is its ability to add shine to the surface and the way it enhance the concrete surface’s color intensity.


Stained Concrete: Acid Stain

Although protecting your stained concrete with a sealer or clear finish repels dirt and wear, it doesn’t eliminate the need for scheduled maintenance. The amount of traffic that your surface experiences determines the need for ongoing maintenance. To protect your investment, you can ask the stain manufacturer to provide you with tips and tricks on how to care for your stained concrete. They can also provide you with guidelines and recommendations that will ensure the protection and maintenance of your stained concrete.

Here are some general tips that you could take:

  • For interior floors (residential or commercial) that are experiencing light traffic, a simple maintenance method that involves dry dust mopping and occasional wet mopping with a neutral-pH cleaner can be done.
  • If you notice that your stained surfaces are beginning to lose their shine and luster, waxing it again can usually bring it back to its original appearance. In a typical residential area and setting, a year or so may pass before you’ll need to buff and re-wax the concrete surface. In commercial properties with high traffic, refinishing the concrete surface frequently is necessary.
  • For exterior stained concrete surfaces, keep the floor clean by sweeping it with a broom, blowing with a leaf blower or rinsing with a garden hose. Remove stubborn dirt by scrubbing with a mop or medium-bristle brush and a mild cleaner.
  • In protecting your exterior surfaces, an annual application of a new coat sealer or as necessary. When you notice that water doesn’t bead up on the surface anymore, it’s definitely time for resealing.
  • For stained concrete countertops, a different way of protection and maintenance will be needed so make sure to contact the contractor for guidance and tips.

If the need arises for you to hire a contractor for resealing and resurfacing, call All Concrete Resurfacing and we’ll be happy to help you maximize the beauty of your stained concrete once again.