How to Choose a Sealer System to Protect Your Stamped Concrete Overlay System

SUNDEK-concrete-coatings-concrete-overlay-SunStamp-custom-slate-pattern-interior-flooring-patio-All-Concrete-Resurfacing-Louisville-Kentucky.-Awarded-Gold.jpgFor existing concrete surfaces, SunStamp is a top-rated product. This overlay system produces a beautiful surface that typically exceeds the customer’s expectations. Although this system is durable, you still need to choose an appropriate sealer system that will protect the surface and product. If needed, the expert who applied the overlay can recommend top products, including SunClear Eco Protect and SunClear Ultra Protect.

Although both are excellent choices for SunStamp stamped concrete, they work in different ways. Therefore, it is essential to understand what those differences are so that ultimately, you select the correct one. Remember, a professional installer who relies on Sundek products can always provide guidance whenever needed.

SunClear Eco Protect

This high-performance finish coat is the best choice for stamped concrete, coatings, and seamless flooring. This eco- and user-friendly product is ideal, especially for resurfaced areas with heavy foot traffic and those that you want to keep shiny. Not only that, but this sealer is also maintenance-free, making it perfect for walkways, floors, and pool decks in homes, as well as floors in restaurants, retail shops, hospitals, professional offices, and more.

Stamped Concrete Pool Deck

Stamped Concrete Pool Deck

SunClear Ultra Protect

SunClear Ultra Protect is also a clear sealer with a solvent base. As the name implies, it provides even more protection since it is abrasion, impact, high traffic, chemical, and fuel-resistant. Commonly used with the SunStamp overlay, this sealer creates a hard yet flexible film over the surface, thereby providing outstanding protection. Because it is a more robust product, it is excellent for airplane hangars, service bays, commercial service departments, driveways, and other harsh environments.

Concrete Resurfacing Protection

Based on where you have SunStamp installed as well as the degree of wear and tear the area experiences, you will have a better idea as to which sealer you need. Once applied, the surface will look incredible and provide many years of flawless service.