Choosing a Pattern for Your Decorative Concrete


Your home’s front (including walkways and entryways) should be taken into consideration when it comes to choosing a pattern for your stamped concrete or concrete overlay. At a first glance, most people would assume that if you have a brick house then you should choose a brick pattern for your patio or pool deck, or if you have a rock house, you should have a rock sidewalk. While this seems good and the logical thing to do, it is not necessarily the right decision. The problem with trying to match a material on your house is that if it doesn’t match perfectly, it will make your new concrete look like an afterthought that doesn’t quite match the original house.


Stamped Concrete Driveway

Decorative Concrete Should Compliment Your House

When we do a concrete overlay job, we usually suggest to our customers that they choose a pattern and color that would complement the aesthetics and design of their home. What they already have must be enhanced and its value amped up. We typically prefer to choose a material that is different from what is on the home. A rock or slate pattern would look great next to a brick house.

Coordinating Patterns, Complementing Colors

Sometimes our customers really want a pattern on their concrete that would match their house. The problem is that it is nearly impossible to get a perfect match. In those situations, we always recommend choosing a complementing color. This way, the new concrete will look like a planned compliment to the design of the house.

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