Color Combinations for a Concrete Stamping Project

Concrete Stamping around a pool deck

Concrete Stamping around a pool deck

When it comes to stamping concrete, there are two specific things to consider. First, you need to determine the design you want for your Clarksville home, whether it is brick, rock, slate, wood, flagstone, or something else. You also need to factor in the location. For instance, you might choose one design for an outdoor patio and another design for the kitchen floor. Second, you need to select the color combination you want for the preferred design.

As for color, the expert who performs the stamping concrete project at your Clarksville home can assist. After all, using a product like SunStamp, the goal is to replicate the appearance of other materials. In other words, the installer uses different stamp mats along with color combinations to make concrete surfaces look like genuine brick, wood, or whatever you want.

Keep in mind that just because there are standard color combinations for stamping concrete projects does not mean you have to take that route automatically. For instance, if you want to transform the look of the pool deck at your Clarksville home, making it more colorful and vibrant, you could still choose a brick design. Instead of browns and blacks, you could go with blues and greens.

For an outdoor patio, stamped concrete that looks like wood is stunning. Again, rather than the standard browns for this design, you could go with white with shades of blue, which would look beautiful if your Clarksville home is near the water or if you appreciate the shabby chic style.

For kitchen floors in a Mediterranean-style kitchen, you might opt for a deep red with black added in as opposed to brown.

The fact that you have so many possibilities is one thing that makes concrete stamping projects so exciting. Before making your decision, again, consider the location of the project, the type of project, and then toss in your personal preference. With endless color combinations and a broad range of designs, you could choose something subtle, sophisticated, elegant, country, or even whimsical.