How Will Staining Concrete Floors in My Home Make a Difference in Appearance?

Staining Concrete Floors

Staining Concrete Floors

While you have heard of staining concrete floors from people who live in Louisville, you know very little about what it is or how it would change the appearance of your home. If you love your house but feel it needs some updating, the floors are a perfect place to start. After all, the floors take up the most space and serve as the foundation for selecting other design elements.

When it comes to staining concrete floors in your Louisville home, you have two options: a water-based stain and an acid-based stain. For optimum results, make sure your professional installer uses only the highest quality products on the market, such as SunStain and SunAcid.

When staining concrete floors using a water-based product, it changes the color of the surface. As a blend of soluble polymers and liquid pigments, this stain works great for both concrete and cement overlay floors. With this option, you can request a customized flooring system for your Louisville home by having various colors layered or combined.

An acid-based stain also produces magnificent results yet in a different way. Instead of just changing the surface, this stain penetrates the concrete. From there, it reacts to specific chemical compounds. Because the color penetrates the concrete, it produces permanent color that will likely outlast the time you live in the house. Also, due to the chemical reaction with the concrete, the floors end up with a gorgeous marbled effect.

Regardless of which option you select for staining the concrete floors in your Louisville home, you have an abundance of color options. However, with a water-based stain, you have a much broader range of colors, including those with bold and bright tones. In comparison, you have fewer choices with an acid-based stain and the colors are more traditional yet still stunning. For a complete transformation, you will not go wrong with either one.