Outdoor Floor Resurfacing


Concrete Patio Resurfacing (Stamped Overlay)

Basing it from use and appeal, we could already say that a patio is one of the most versatile part of the home. Whatever you call it (veranda, porch, courtyard), chances are you’re always doing something on and in it. In the course of a year, you can already do a lot in your patio. One second it’s a kitchen, the next one it’s a dining area. It can be a garden, a library, basically any place that you would like it to be!

If you notice cracks or crumbling on your patio, or if you think that it looks plain boring, maybe concrete resurfacing can eliminate these things for you! Now is the time to take action and turn your boring concrete into a beautiful outdoor piece of art with fabulous gleam and color! If you want to relax outside, there’s no better feeling than chilling outside and there’s nowhere else to do that than your patio in a fully-resurfaced concrete floor. When you get your patio resurfaced by All Concrete Resurfacing, you’ll get a concrete floor that is sure to last a long time and stay beautiful throughout the years because we offer a wide selection of colors and finishing options.

Stamped concrete overlays are a very affordable option to get the feel and look of expensive surface materials such as brick, stone or tile without having to build a new patio from scratch. You can opt for a simple and classic look with a stone or brick border or go all the way by stamping the entire patio area. It’s all up to you and your creativity (partnered with our quality installation system). Whatever kind of surface you’re imagining right now, we can achieve it for you. Stamping the whole area can add a maximum amount of visual appeal and personal style to your outdoor living space. The stamped layer’s final coating will also provide a very strong protection from different kinds of weather and foot traffic for years to come.

Maybe you already like how your patio looks like right now. But a little retouching won’t hurt. It might need a durable fresh coat of paint. If you think this is what you want, what you will be needing is a chemical stain treatment or decorative concrete coating. Concrete chemical stains, also called as acid stains, allows you to be creative and change your patio’s surface color, creating a unique living space. Color options range from grays to browns, to reds and teals. You’re sure to find something that would complement your space. Other decorative concrete coatings can bring texture to your patio. Come on and discover what you like! Call us today to see how you can get started today.