Commercial Decorative Concrete Resurfacing

Commercial Floors

No matter your commercial business, decorative concrete resurfacing can bring luxury, grandeur, and an unmatched appeal to your customers without the added cost. Hotels, apartment complexes, restaurants, all of them are surrounded by concrete surfaces in pool decks, patios, courtyards, entries, sidewalks, breezeways, and driveways.

To make sure that your business achieves the goals you deserve, commercial decorative concrete resurfacing will enhance everything that is already behind the name. For businesses such as repair shops, car dealerships, warehouses, and service bays, epoxy floor coatings are a viable commercial decorative concrete resurfacing solution which protects the concrete, making the shop or showroom more aesthetically pleasing with color options which include orange, yellow, grey, and blue. This coating protects against high traffic stains, chemicals, acids, and dust.

Whether you own a hotel or an apartment complex, pools and pool decks will need sealing, resurfacing, or just an original coating. Commercial decorative concrete resurfacing can correct issues such as an unleveled pool deck, a boring pool deck, one which is too hot, stained, slippery, cracked, or chipped. Stamped concrete, exposed aggregate, epoxy rock, salt finishes, or newly laid pool decks can be revived through commercial decorative concrete resurfacing.

If the existing or new patio or courtyard needs to make a beautiful statement, drawing all visitors to it, or even if it needs to complement another feature of the commercial business, commercial decorative concrete resurfacing can help. New concrete can be matched with patio coating. A courtyard with cracks can be rectified as well. With Sundek spray texture, any surface can be resurfaced with this concrete coating. There are three design options including the aggregate effect, scoreline effect, and masonry effect. The colors include Cumberland, sable, brick red, brandy wine, smoke gray, slate blue, terra cotta, tweed gray, bone white, pewter gray, coral, Franciscan tan, Mojave desert, mission tan, oyster white, and Peking blue.

For commercial decorative concrete resurfacing Louisville KY, stamped overlay effects work just as well to provide an elegant versatility. Instead of removing and replacing the concrete, a stamped overlay will add ¼ inch of thickness using stencils, mats, and stains to create the theme you desire for pool decks, patios, garages, porches, or sidewalks. Stain colors include coral reef, antique moss, golden harvest, café latte, midnight, amazon palm, sienna rust, and dark chocolate.